Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There's The Pitch...

Oh cool! It's a new weblog I found. It's written by a guy named Pat Neshek, who's a baseball card collector. And, he's a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins!

That is pretty fascinating. I mean, among the baseball cards he collects are his. In his 'blog, he's writing all about spring training down in Florida, trying to hone his change-up. I don't know of any other ball players who have blogs. If I find more, or if it becomes a "thing," then I'll never leave the house again.

I love baseball. So much. Damn I love baseball.

And softball, too! This Saturday will be the first practice for the Ball Breakers. I said that I wouldn't be able to make it, since it's Holy Saturday. And that night will be the Easter Vigil at church. (For non-Episcopalians who might be reading this--and what the heck is holding you back?--it's sort of the Oscars, World Series, and Venice Biennial combined of church. But I'm having second thoughts... Maybe there will be enough time to get back here, change, get something for dinner for my dad before heading off with my bell. (Yeah, we bring bells to ring.)

Softball and the Easter Vigil within a twelve hour period. That would be pretty powerful.

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riot said...

Isn't this Saturday, the 31st, just the eve of Palm Sunday, and thus a perfectly acceptable time to practice softball? I thought Easter Vigil was April 7. Am I way off?

Incidentally, I'm finally meeting people at St. Mary's, and I've event been invited to decorate the church (am I *that* obvious?) on the Saturday before Easter. Yeehaw!