Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Worth Watching

Just saw Find Me Guilty And loved it. Really nice piece of cinema.

I got it, of course, because it stars Vin "Chained At My Feet, Soaked In My Piss" Diesel. that was about it. Same as when I begged you all to go out to see The Pacifier? I want this man to have a long career in front of the camera. If he insists on turning down my offer of realizing his destiny as my slave, I want to see him doing his acting thing now and then.

But anyway, don't miss Find Me Guilty. Vin does a really good job with the acting, and the picture demands a lot of him. Once again, we get to see Vin wearing handcuffs. And slammed up against the bars of his cell. And he looks sooooo sweet with his face all beat up in one scene. But alas, he keeps his clothes on.

So find me guilty! Of being a Vin "Chained At My Feet, Soaked In My Piss" Diesel!

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sebastian said...

You are as bad as me with Jason Statham or Chris Meloni. A movie with either of them in it can't be bad.