Thursday, March 22, 2007

Plug It Again, Sam

Don't forget youse guys... This Sunday, in NYC, from 3pm to 6pm, I'm doing a presentation for Masters And slaves Together/NYC at the LGBT Community Center.

And I'll be doing the presentation wearing only boots and a jock strap. Although maybe a harness, too.

Here's the program announcement from MAsT...

Masters And slaves Together:NYC
Sunday, March 25, 2007
3 to 6 pm at The Center, 208 W. 13th St., Manhattan
Men only
$5 donation (or whatever you can afford)

How Masters/Tops and bottoms/slaves Become Who We Are

Joseph Campbell is best known for his analysis of world mythologies in terms of an archetypal "hero's journey," in which an everyday person undergoes a series of extraordinary experiences that enable him to be someone others can look up to and be inspired by. The early "Star Wars" movies, for instance, drew heavily on this archetype.

Drew Kramer ( likes cigars, hot tubs, chains, minimalism, church, leather, cooking, softball, and whipping men until they bleed. He is a member of GMSMA and an Associate Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and the New York boys of Leather. He thinks that many of our careers in s/m and Mastery/slavery can be understood spiritually through the archetype of the hero's journey. How do ordinary kinky guys become the kind of exemplary leathermen that others seek out and look up to? What makes a Master worthy of loyal, self-sacrificing, obedient service? What makes a slave worth taking control of and responsibility for? How do we become who we want to be?

What is the relation between spirituality and s/m anyway? Do you compartmentalize them in your own life, or does one enhance and intertwine with the other? As you get deeper into s/m or Mastery/slavery, do you find yourself growing spiritually as well? And just what do we mean by that?

Drew has been thinking and writing about these questions for several years while pursuing his own journey of becoming a whipping/bondage master as well as a cherished boy. At our meeting, he'll share some of his answers, and he's interested in hearing yours. In addition, he'll strip down to jockstrap and boots to show off the spectacular tattoo of a chain that wraps around his whole body -- and stay that way throughout, unless we have another cold snap.

Don't miss this very special MAsT presentation!

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