Monday, March 19, 2007

What You're Missin', Boss!

Odd thing happened to me at the gym tonight.

If you're workout experience goes down in some urban area, I better explain. My gym, in beautiful downtown Furlong, Pennsylvania, is the gym of choice for local moms and dads and jocks from the local high schools. The other homos there I can count on one hand and still have fingers left over to pop a zit.

But it is what it is. And I like it, for the most part. And the dads and jocks in the lockerroom don't bat an eye anymore at my enormous stainless steel cockring.

And it's in the lockerroom where it all started.

I was getting out of my street clothes and into my gym clothes. Next to me was a dad.

And unbidden to my my mind came a thought: "He's never taken it up the butt."

I stopped what I was doing, totally froze.

Gosh. Imagine that. That was probably true.

Never in his life.

And that thought kept cropping up. A guy would be waiting for me to finish up my pull-ups so he could use the bar and I'd think, "Gosh. He's never taken it up the butt."

It just seemed so ridiculous. It's like, Gosh! he's never watched the sunset! Or, Gosh! he's never been body surfing! Or, Gosh! he's never had a hot fudge sundae! Or, Gosh! he's never been on a rollercoaster!

What's with these guys? What could possibly lead to someone making a decision like that? That's insanity, right? Why would they forgo that.

Oh. Wait.

That's right.

They're heterosexual.

Sort of depraved when you think about it, right?


Lolita said...

I know a lot of heterosexual men that take it up the butt. However, it's usually a butt plug or a dildo.

beaver4 said...