Monday, March 12, 2007


No Heroes tonight because the world needs two hours of Deal Or No Deal?

That's ridiculous!

That's obscene!

I am so pissed off!

I ask so little from television. Three things specifically: Heroes on Monday, Top Design on Wednesday, and Supernatural on Thursday. And in any average week, you can scrap Top Design and Supernatural. But leave me my Heroes.

Speaking of entertainment, tomorrow night I'm probably heading up to NYC to join the New York boys of Leather for an outing to see 300.

All the way to NYC to see a movie?

Oh yeah. It's not Heroes, but I hope it'll do me.


Anonymous said...

You're gonna love "300", Drew. Thank god I brought the smelling salts and a drool cup when I went to see it--in iMAX, no less!...

rob (

alterboy said...

Heroes was the only thing worth watching on Monday nights!